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Master Fiction List

So, it occured to me while reading some of my favorite stories here that having a master list with links was so easy that I decided to do this as well. This way, you can reach any story and not need to scroll through months of posts, because I often post rather quickly.

*Disclaimer* (because it is needed!)
I am not Hanson. I do not work for or know them personally. I do not know their wives, children, or their families. I in no way represent them or their families and the stories presented below are complete fiction.

Note: All 3 stories will be alternative universe as somethings don't line up with the real timeline of events. It does not mean that I don't know when an album came out or when something occured, but for the purpose of my story it was needed. In addition, they do contain adult content and I tried my best to include warnings on those chapters, but be aware I may not have remembered *every* time.

I am not a professional writer and I don't claim to be. These are the only stories I have put online or shared with anyone else, so they may not represent what I can really do. That said, I appreciate and welcome feedback in any form either positive or negative. I appreciate knowing what I can improve upon. Thank you for visiting, thank you for taking the time to read. ~ Tigress


Forbidden Love

  Emily and Zac saw each other in 2003 but weren't able to talk, now three years later there once again in the same space. Things have changed and the love they share is now forbidden by marriages and family. Will they overcome this or will there love be lost forever.

*Forbidden Love was reviewed by Bethany on Placetohide.net, you can find the review here.
Forbidden Love Character's can be seen here.

Desire (Sequal to Forbidden Love)

Adam's always had a desire to have Emily as his own, yet she's also desire by Zachary. She only has eyes for one. But will the desire to have her be too strong? Can any of them survive the rollar coaster and be with the ones they desire the most?

*Desire was reviewed by Bethany on Placetohide.net, you can find the review here.
Desire Character's can be seen here.

Infinity (Sequal to Forbidden Love & Desire)

 A happy family, an obsessed fan. Will the choices made determine their future? Can Emily and Zac survive another person whose so willing to tear them apart because he wants Zac all to himself?

*Infinity was reviewed by Bethany on Placetohide.net, you can find the review here.
Infinity Character's can be seen here.

Petal 1: Temptation (Petal 1: Petals of Time Series)
Petal of Time Series characters (all petals) can be seen here.

Gabriella has never had great luck with men or life in general, then she meets the charming drummer. She's not sure whether to believe him or her friends.
Zac likes the single lifestyle, hooking up with random women and not worrying about commitments. A chance meeting with a new roadie Taylor hired could change his life forever.

*Temptation was reviewed by Bethany on Placetohide.net, you can find the review here.

Petal 2: Devastation

  They always say the first year is the hardest. With her friends against her, her life changing rapidly, can Gabby handle the ups and downs of the first year or will her past tear her apart?
  Zac's convinced she's the best thing in his life, but no one else believes that. Is it worth his time to make this work? Can he bring forth the Gabriella that everyone seems to love?
(a/n: The fan portrayal in this story is fiction, I am aware that a large portion of fans are super nice! No offense is meant to anyone)

*Devastation was reviewed by Bethany on Placetohide.net, you can find the review here.

Petal 3: Infatuation

  They survived a year...it should be smooth sailing. But with her ex-boyfriend still pursuing her, Maxwell still trying to assist him and now strange things are being mailed. Is it simply a case of fans accepting her or is something more sinister happening?

Infatuation was reviewed by Bethany on Placetohide.net, you can find the review here.

From Conway to Tulsa

Miranda is from a bartender in a small town in South Carolina. When her friend moves to Tulsa she goes, but her life takes a dramatic turn.
Zac's been hurt deeply and doesn't want to move forward, but a chance encounter with a pretty red-head changes his life in many ways.
The ups and down of life and choices can take many roads, but only one path leads from Conway to Tulsa...

In Progress:

Cassandra is trying to escape her past and rebuild her life in the best way she can, without fear and pain.
Zac is trying to raise his son and patch up his life after a year of mistakes. He’s trying to figure out what and how to accomplish so much…
Will Fate bring them both the happy ending they want…or will it tear them to pieces?

Editing Credit: Tondada! Thank you for the editing and thank you for letting me know I was just insane to think it wasn't decent!

Lift You Up (Coming 2018).